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Pro Party Planner app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7616 ratings )
Productivity Lifestyle
Developer: Zysco
4.99 USD
Current version: 6.31, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 10 Jun 2012
App size: 46.13 Mb

Top Party Planning App on iTunes, Pro Party Planner will help you get organized effectively by keeping track of your guests, budget and logistics in one place!

Pro Party Planner is ideal for Meetings, Conferences, Tradeshows, Parties and Fundraisers! It includes a unique Augmented Reality module that will let you visualize all your information directly on the location’s pictures.

Import your own table map, add guests to the tables, manage seats assignments with the easy to use drag and drop tool.

Furthermore, plan your seating plan and room decoration with our revolutionary augmented reality and visualize your how everything will look like without moving things around.

Get the control of the RSVP, Invitations, Thank You Notes, and Gifts in real time. Easily export or import all the information of your guests and integrate with your spreadsheets on Google docs or MS Excel.

If your guests are on EventBrite, Pro Party Planner makes it even easier for you by integrating with just a couple taps.

Communicate easily with all guests and update them about your event by sending SMS, emails right from the app.

Assign tasks and quickly see whats going on within each event; you can track budget status, meals, seating, gifts and more!

Planning an event with multiple parties/activities? Not a problem. With the upgraded timeline module, you can now manage and access multiple event timelines from a single party (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc…)

Invite other teammates, delegate relevant tasks to them and conveniently keep track of what´s been completed.

We believe you should have control of your data at all times, and we made it easy for you to export the data to google spreadsheet or print PDF reports.

Plan your shopping trips and save time. List your party items into store departments and do not miss buying a thing anymore.

Manage any and as many events as you want! With Pro Party Planner you can keep track of all the moving parts of your event to make sure everything it’s running smoothly.

Set reminders that automatically notify users of impending tasks. From getting the ice to the chair rental or any other relevant activity, we’ve got you covered.

For Weddings, see our App Dedicated to Wedding Planning; “Pro Wedding Planner”

The App has been thoroughly tested but if you experience any issue please let contact us at: so that we can address it immediately.

About Zysco,
Founded in Irvine, CA by Mobile Computing Veterans in 2007, Zysco is dedicated to empower the new Mobile Generation with intuitive and sophisticated Productivity Applications

Pros and cons of Pro Party Planner app for iPhone and iPad

Pro Party Planner app good for

Used this app to plan my mothers 79th birthday party. The original 50 people attending turned to 70. Dont know what I would have done without this app. Was able to track guests, food, decorations--all in one place. Gave it 4 stars because would be great to sort lists by different fields. Would have helped to sort by stores. Will definitely use this app again!
I just started using this app and like it so far. It would be helpful to have attached, recipes and shopping lists for the party you are planning.
Very usefull app, It was essencial to my party planning. Id like it has two more functions: 1. How many invites (considering one per registered guest or family) 2. How many adults and how many children are attending (independent info)
Very useful and convenient. Takes a little getting use to (but what doesnt) maybe a graph for the timeline?
Awesome! Ive been searching a long time for an actual planner, but all that seems to be out there are "check list" apps. At home, Im always working on a party of some kind (birthday, craft parties, holiday parties, & even slumber parties). This app lets you plan everything for your party. Drinks, food menu, activities, guest list, even the decorations. And there is even a tasks section. I highly recommend.
Love it. Enjoy the fact you can save and make notes for annual functions.

Some bad moments

Contains lots of bugs. And the developers does nothing about it. They just dont update it. For example, the app does not use decimals on budget tab. Stupid. And there are a lot more.
So far I ve spent a couple hours (way too long ) trying to make it work for me. It would be nice to have a to do list on the bar and shows up in summary, or the other list that is in side bar to show up on summary. Easy to see check list crucial in party planning. If this is in this app then instructions need to improved on. I will continue using but many improvements needed.
I bought this app so my sister, my wife and I can plan a party. Ive tried to add them as collaborators and it wont let me. I send the emails but they dont get them. So I tried to send to me and I never got one. We got the app so we can plan a 70th birthday party for our parents. So much for that idea. I guess we will just go back to using whats app because that works.
Did not work for me... I was looking for ability to rapidly and easily manage my guest list .. Who is coming with who? are they bringing a guest? or are they with someone else on my contact list ? who are my top 50 invites, top 80 etc. ability to adjust and do hierarchical planning. I have to cut off somewhere. It is not even easy to delete a name from the list using this app. A simple delete button would be good!
I have been using this app for organizing an Communion. Here is what the problem is with this app. 1. When you create a a table and who sits where it wont show you only the guests that are coming but every guest that you invited ( that makes almost useless to put who is not coming) 2. The table doesnt show how many people are at each table you just need to know!! Useless to put how many people are in each family. 3. You cant print the list of who is seating at which table even though you have a nice list that you can only view it. Useless!! 4. The budget is so complicated with all the attachment that I just stick with the basic and dont use the menu planning tab as its completely useless. That wont print either. 5. Printing guest list is the only thing you can do and it shows everything but the important stuff like where are they seating. This app is missing so much and the person that created was most likely never threw a party in his live. And for all of you that think it so great I think you must of been the creators family or friend. Lets get real if you are going to make an app like this organize your brain first!!!!
Im 12 and I bought this app because I love planing parties and $5 is worth more to a 12 year old than it is to a 20 year old. I payed for it and then I updated it and it disappeared from my iPod!! I payed money for it and it was a waste! I tested the new update on my moms iPad and there wasnt anything inappropriate or mature! I loved this app before I got ripped off. Can you guys please lower the rating! If I didnt get ripped off Id rate this 5 stars. Since when was there "frequent intense sexual content" or "mild horror fear themes"? The only thing in the rating that is true is "infrequent mild alcohol use" but that is only when you add alcoholic beverages to the menu!

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